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I adore my electric fenced area, but in the downpours of the last few days, the area in front of the cubes has turned into a bit of a mudbath!


The rest of the area (although it doesn't really have any grass left) is much drier.


I was planning to put down a few bales of woodchip, but with all my local B&Qs out of stock of the hardwood variety I am in a bit of a quandry.


So my options are....


1. Softwood chips from B&Q. I was a bit concerened these would rot down striaght away, but I'd love to hear evidence to the contrary!


2. Coloured woodchips from Homebase - I'm a bit worried these might have some sort of toxic dye/preservative on them??


3. Bark Chips - The big chunky pieces appeal but i've heard tales of fungus!


4. Another option?


I'd love opinions on what you lovely people would do... I'm shocking at decisions! (but then I am Libran!)

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The cube runs themselves have covers under which I have a lovely layer of aubiose.



The area in question is the earth (nee grass!) in front. The girls have plenty of un-muddy areas so it's not so much for them, as for me, so I don't fall on my derriere everytime I change feeders etc!


Don't think I have a pic...

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I wouldnt go for bark


The coloured chips should be ok, they wouldnt be able to put anything in those that would harm plants - besides it wouldnt be good for business if they killed your shrubs off with their mulch so I would imagine they would be ok


The B&Q softwood chips will rot down quicker but not quickly

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I have had the same problem, and could not get either hardwood or soft wood chips from B & Q I even rang them to see if they could get some in, but they told me due to lack of demand they were no longer going to get them in!!!. In desperation I rang around some local tree places and managed to get them to deliver a GREAT load of wood chips for the bargin price of £40. So spent the whole morning covering the whole outdoor run area + inside run area. Might be worth a look around locally. :?: It certainly works out cheaper. :D

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