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Daisy isnt well

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She has been off colour for a few days now, her comb is droopy and a very dark

red and I think going slightly blue and she is puffed up and doesnt move a lot

although I have seen her eat. All of my seven girls are two years plus and none

of them have shown signs of illness till now so I guess Daisy is coming to the end

of her life, so sad, is there anything I can do for her.


Joy x

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When one of my batties had sour crop, her comb went blue when she got cold......as soon as she was brought indoors & warmed up she became a much healthier red colour.


Is her crop clear in the morning, if not maybe she has sour crop or impacted crop, both nasty ailments but can be treated & very often successfully at home without vet intervention, well mine have at least :anxious:


I hope she recovers soon,


Sha x

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