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Omlet Vibes Needed Please - Test Booked

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Oh heck, I've done it now.....booked my Module 1 bike test for the 4th November. :shock:

You now have to take the bike test in 2 parts.....the first part consists of riding through cones, emergency stops, riding slowly and doing a high speed swerve :shock: If, or should I say WHEN, I finally pass that bit, I have to take the 2nd part, which is a 45 minute ride with an examiner following me.


I took a test earlier in the year, but failed due to nerves. I have now decided to give it another go, but on a 500cc bike.


I have been riding around now for a couple of weeks, with my Hubbie, who is an instructor :wink:


So, please fellow Omleteers, can you wish me luck for the 4th November and please can I put in an order for some fine weather.....dont fancy taking the test in the rain!!!!

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Good luck!


When I did my bike test, the examiner's bike had broken down, and so he had to follow me in a car. It meant that - although I wasn't trying to - at most of the junctions I got away before him, and I'm sure that's why I passed because he couldn't see me wobbling! I'm sure you'll be fine, hope your OH is giving you lots of help.

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