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At what age did your Barnevelder or purebreed start laying?

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I have four pure breeds and in the past few days one of them, the Barnevelder, has seemed a bit under the weather.


She's eating and drinking, has been wormed (two weeks ago with Flubenvet). Her eyes are bright, her nostrils and breathing clear, no rattles or wheezes. Comb and wattles starting to grow and reddening up nicely. Ears not swollen. Breath fresh.


Crop fine, not liquidy nor impacted and is emptied by morning. Can't feel any fluid or egg shapes in her abdo. Legs clean and vent fine, no lice or mites. Feathers in good condition. Seems to be pooping normally.


The only symptom she's displaying is the tail down thing, and sometimes sitting when others are pecking.


I've booked her into the vet but they can't see her until Monday evening. I'm not too worried at the moment as she's definitely holding her own, but am wondering if it's related to her perhaps coming into lay, or if she's got a way to go yet.


Any ideas please? :think:

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