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24 hours to go... UPDATED he is here, with pics

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Well he had a good night, slept from 11.30pm till 6.10am, and has been around and playing and exploring since...


We slept downstairs, on the sofa in the playroom next to his bedroom, to be able to hear him, as our bedroom is quite far and we wouldn't be able to hear a thing from there, and he was quiet all night. He went to toilet in the garden just before bed, and I took him there as soon as he woke up, and he did toilet again.


He seems extremely fond of my rosemary bushes :think: ... does anyone know if rosemary can be harmful??


The cats have had a bit more contact with him now... both Splodge and Pompom stand their grounds and hiss at him but dont run off, so Charlie comes up to them gently and then steps back. Shaman seems more prone to running off...


He is trotting about the garden now, looking all cute and clumsy...

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Here are two more pictures...

I love the one of Charlie and Splodge... it looks like Splodge is saying 'hey, who are you and what are you doing in MY house?' and Charlie is looking at me with a 'mummy... some strange creature is staring at me' expression...





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Thanks everybody... I love taking pictures (I get on the kids' nerves with my camera obsession... they joke that at the end of the world I'd still say 'hold on, need to take a picture), and want to take loads of Charlie... I never took enough of the cats when they were kittens, and regret it now...

The pumkins came from a farm nearby... we have a huge halloween party every year, and we had it a week early this year, so that Charlie didn't have to deal with the commotion!! We bought 35 pumkins this year, most of which got carved at the party, the ones on the picture with Charlie are the leftover!!

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