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A Close Shave

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Opened my chooks up about 7am (green eglu) today,and let them out into their extended eglu run. Went back to bed until 8.15 when opening my curtains I saw a fox in the garden, legged it downstairs to see a ton of white feathers in the eglu run, no sign of my chooks who upon investigation were huddled together in the eglu terrified :(:( . Dispite all the feathers it seems little damage to Sam no blood or obvious injuries. However I am now terrified to let them out into their outer run area (fenced off with omlet netting!) since now Mr fox nearly had one of them... he will be back. I was surprised by the amont of feathers Mr fox obviously managed to grab her through the bars! which I was surprised about!, I thought they are too close together to have managed to get hold of her. It just shows. :shock:

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Thanks for all your suggestions. I do have a foxwatch but turned it off at 7am due to letting my two dogs out for a wee. During the warmer weather the dogs do watch over the chooks whilst freeranging, but seem to think that they are safe in their eglu run. Today I was really nervous about letting them out to their outer run (an area around their run with omlet fencing) and kept a close watch over them. Has anyone ever experienced foxes comming around in the middle of the day or does it seem to be early am and evenings! :?: Just wondering if it would be safw in the middle of the day to let them out freeranging? :?:

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