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Hi, we have had our chickens for a couple of weeks and all going well. Anyway traipsed down the garden to take the food in and close the door last night about 8.30 and was doing the run door up when I saw this spikey thing... a hedgehog. I know its not too exciting but we have been trying for years to tempt one into the garden and have built little houses for them etc., so I was very excited! Anyway if we hadn't got the chickens I wouldn't have seen him as not out in garden at that time normally. The kids were delighted when I told them.


I wonder if it was the meal worms i chucked in as a treat that tempted him out, its the first time I had given them to the girls.


Anyway another good reason to have chickens! Just had to tell you!

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They are lovely aren't they??


We had a Hedgehog in the garden one summer, and she made her home in a big geranium and brought up her family there.


Was so hard not to keep peeking at the little ones!


Unfortunately, only stayed the one summer, and since then, the chooks have eaten the geranium :doh: .


I think the chooks have changed the visitors we get though. We seem to have lost the bigger birds (pidgeons, magpies) and gained the smaller ones - the blue tits mainly.

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