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Help Needed - Is my chicken sick

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Hi There,

Ella, layed an egg this morning, and seemed fine. However, I went to work and returned when it was VERY dark. Went to shut the chooks up and noticed Ella still in her run. This has never happened before, they nornally all go to bed no probs! I noticed that she had like a soft egg half in and half out. She seemed very reluctant to go into the eglu, even when I got a broom to try to encourage her in. Eventually half prodding I got her in the eglu. Then I took her out and pulled the soft egg out, putting her back in the eglu. I am hoping that I did the right thing, and am very worried that she will be alright in the morning. Has anyone else experienced anything similar. Do you think that she was uncomfortable and that is why she didnt go to bed? Any help much appreciated.

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