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Mrs P

Soft eggs? Sick chick?

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Hi there,


My Pip, a Miss Pepperpot has got out of her Eglu today feeling really under the weather. There was a very wet nesting box - looked like a shell-less egg had been laid and then when I looked at my girl the membrane of the egg was dangling from her vent. I cleaned this up and her vent otherwise seems clean. She has done a couple of funny poos - a bit mucousy.


She has been very quiet - she's usually a very lively and noisy character - and at first wouldn't eat much. She has now had more to eat and has gone to sit in the nestng box. As she has already "laid" a softie, why would she go back today?


She seems to have bucked up a bit since she ate and has had a bit of water too.


Does she need to see the vet or shall I just keep an eye on her? This is the first time any of my girls have had a problem so I'm a bit lost!


Please help!


love Suzanne

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I'd just keep an eye on her


they do get very low when they have a softy on the way and for a time after its laid but should be fine a day or so later


As you saw that the entire softy was laid albeit with some help it is clear that probably nothing remains in her body and thats all good

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Thanks for that.


I've been really worried. The vet is quite a way away and I haven't got the car today but I'll get her there if need be, one way or another.


She is still in the nesting box but looks okay. Her comb is red and eyes bright. She is still quiet though.


I'm really grateful for your advice. I know there's a lot of experience out there with the Omlet gang.


Thanks again



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Just last night I had a similar thing happen to my chicken. I went out to shut them up when it was dark, and she was still in the run, with half a soft egg hanging out of her. Eventually I managed to get her in the eglu and then removed the soft egg. This am she seemed fine, although has not layed today. Hopefully your chook will be back to her normal self soon. :angel:

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Big Red had a spell of laying 1 good egg and 2 softies a day then no eggs for the next 2 or 3 days then shed be fine for a week 10 days then softies just after she started laying this went on for a couple of months partly untill she got the hang of laying but I also changed feed brands which might or might not have helped

so It could be that she's got an other softie on the way Big Red used to look really sad and uncomfortable untill shed passed the softies with in 10 - 15 minutes shed be filling her beack as if nothing had happened I'd still be a wreck

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Thanks guys,


You've really helped. Miss Pip seems much better - she broke into the kitchen and wolfed a bunch of cat biscuits down much to the cat's dismay.


She has been much brighter and was okay when I peeped through the pophole at bedtime. I'll have to see how she is in the morning.


Thanks again for your advice. I feel much better knowing that other people have had the same experience.


Just pray for a healthy chick tomorrow, will you !?


love and best wishes



xx :clap:

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