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Robin in Ginlu!

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We spent yesterday being very amused at the antics of a tiny robin who had found its way into the ginlu run, :shock: before going into the house itself and helping itself to some food! It went in and out for some time flying of with food into the eaves of our house where presumably it has a nest. Unfortunately we never got a photo as we were so mesmerised we did not leave the window. The guineas were fine with it and they chirped away to each other :D

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We once found a fledgling dove who couldn't quite fly but we couldn't leave him where he was because of our dogs so we stuck him in the guineapig hutch for a few days! He pottered about in the run.... slept iside the hutch and we let him go a few days later! We even saw mummy dove passing him food through the bars! The guineas didn't even seem to notice their flat mate!

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