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Hunched up hen *update* - layed but no better? help please!!

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Martha isn't feeling quite right. :(

I went outisde earlier and brought the girls a few strands of warm spaghetti - their winter favourite. But martha didn't come running over as she normally does, instead she was standing hunched in the corner.. i'm really worried! she's normally the first to get to the food.

Her crop seems fine, but she hasn't layed today, she normally lays every day but now and again she misses a day. I've never seen her like this though, when she walks (away from me and the food) she lifts her legs up really high and strains her bum in a squatting position, then raises her leg up really high again.


I have got a petcarry and padded it out with straw and wrapped it in old carpet 3 times to insulate it and put it in the WIR. (she can't come in side as we have 2 dogs)


Is there anything else I can do to help her and/or what's wrong with her?


Thankyou xx :?

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if she hasn't laid then it's possible, from your description of her seemingly straining, that she might be trying to pass a soft egg. They usually pass them within 24 hours and are right as rain afterwards. If she's still like this tomorrow then I'd take her to the vet.

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Martha has layed an !eggcream! egg and it's quite a big one for her but it isn't huge, i would say average sized.


But she still hasn't eaten/drunk anything, she's still doing the wierd walk with her legs and just stands there hunched up looking sorry for herself


We put on a bumperbit 4 days ago as she is a suspected feather-plucker and at first she didnt like it but then got used to it and carried on as normal.

But now she keeps trying to get it off and she won't eat anything.


I'm now thinking it wasn't her pulling feathers, rather it was Yvie who's bumperbit has already worn out. So i will replace Yvie's and take off martha's.

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Sorry to hear she is still poorly.


I would suggest maybe a trip to the vet may be an idea, I would have initially agreed that it could have been a soft shelled egg, but as she has laid and is still waddling there may be something else that's bothering her... :think: Also the not eating or drinking is a little worrying.


Is her bum/vent area swollen or red at all?

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