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New chooks

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Just wanted to finally introduce our latest family members... feeling a bit guilty to be so late about it, as we got them on 5th December and took pics then but didn't get time to introduce them properly...

So here they are, Chestnut the black star, Bluebell the bluebll (obvious, isn't it) and Snowdrop the amber lee...

They are adorable, and Chestnut just started laying last week...








This is the third time we add to our flock (of sadly aging and not always surviving) of chooks, and I can't ever imagine being without them again... also, although we love the chooks that have gone past laying, it's great to have some own eggs again... thank you Chestnut!!

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Thanks everyone... sadly we lost Mac today, our very first Omlet girl from three years back... she appeared a bit under the weather yesterday and was no longer with us this morning... :( ... off to join Nugget, our other original Omlet, in hen heaven...


Sorry to stray off the topic, but does anyone know why my pictures don't seem to fit? I always have uploaded pics the same way, copying image links from pictures uploaded onto photobucket and they always were fine before, automatically uploading in 'forum' standard small size, now they seem a bit too big, and some pics I uploaded in another section here appeared the same at first but now got smaller... I don't know if someone had to re-size them, don't want to give people any work, just a bit puzzled that I haven't changed the way I upload pics and they don't appear as before!!


We let our older Lucky and Pecky freerange along Snowdrop, Bluebelle and Chestnut today and they did fine except for a short disagreement between Pecky and Snowdrop... OH was keen to move the new girls in with the old girls as soon as possible, but I don't want to risk it right now. We have a busy few days ahead with relatives coming to stay, and won't have time to keep a close eye on the chooks, and I don't want to risk unsupervised fights, or injuries when vets are closed... also, having lost Mac, I think it'd be better to wait a couple of weeks or so before letting the new girls move in with the old ones... Hopefully Mac just died of natural causes, but you never know, thought it better to wait and keep a close eye on Lucky and Pecky first...

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