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Hen running wildly around the garden?

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Martha isnt in the best of health at the moment, she wouldnt eat for 2 days until today and has been sat in the corner looking sorry for herself. today however she's eaten some banana and had a little drink. I decided she was perking up a bit so let them in the garden for a free range. She was eating a bit of grass when suddenly she started running around the garden like a headless chicken(no pun intended! 8) ), flapping her wings and squaking.

Everyone else carried on eating so Im sure nothing spooked her- she then did this every 5 mins ish until i decided enough was enough and put her back inside she obviously isn't well. I gave her a little check over, crop seems fine, she layed yesterday but not today but she doesn't lay every day. I really have no idea what's wrong with her.

I was considering taking her to the vets but because she's eating, drinking and her poop is fine i'm trying to avoid the costly vet bills.


Any ideas?

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I don't know :? One of mine does go daft leaping sideways and jumping up in the air often setting the others off. Like Redwing I think it is just excess energy after being confined but it could be yours has a sudden pain or spasm so perhaps carry on keeping an eye on her as she has been a bit off colour.


Hope she is ok. :D

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My Tikka has been a crazy chicken for about 3 months now, she runs at the other girls for no apparent reason (they crouch for her as she is top chick). But she is drinking, eating and pooing OK so I don't think there is much wrong with her.


She is just coming out of a mini head moult so hopefully she might get back to normal soon.


I think if they seem healthy and are eating, drinking and pooing as normal then I am not sure a vet would find much.


Don't know if this is any help really, just thought I would comment :D

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