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Alpha dog food?

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I just wanted some feedback on feeding Lola. When we first got her she was on Pedigree as that is what her previous home had her on. The rescue centre then gave us some Science Plan Puppy that had been donated and needed using up soon. So we kept her on Science Plan for a while. When we went to Chatsworth Country Fair we got some free samples of Alpha dog food. So we used these samples up to see if she liked them. She seemed to love it. When we were giving her the Alpha food she was also on Science Plan but the pieces were huge as mum hadn't read the packed properly. In these past few weeks she hasn't really been eating her food. She has a few mouthfuls in the evening when we first put it down and then doesn't have any more. Then when we put it back down in the morning she has a little bit more but there is always loads left.


At the moment she is on Science Plan with small pieces. We are going to try pouring a little boiling water over the food tomorrow to see if it encourages her to eat anymore. When we take her for walks we always use a small amount of cheese as a reward for good behaviour and when training she seems very food orientated.


Has anyone heard of Alpha dog food? The ingredients for the food we would choose for her are:

Wheat, Beef Meat Meal, Wheatfeed, Maize, Poultry Fat, Poultry Meat Meal, Maize Gluten Meal, Sugar Beet Pulp, Whole Linseed, Fishmeal, Fructo-oligosaccharide, Extract of Yucca, Vitamins, Minerals & Preservatives.


Fructo-oligosaccharide is something that helps digestion and Extract of Yucca is a plant according to a leaflet on their website.


I'm now thinking that the ingredients in the Alpha food look normal for dog food and its much cheaper than a lot of food at pet shops so maybe its worth a try to see if she likes it as much as she did before.


Thank you!

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Never heard of Alpha, but it looks like a reasonably decent, British company (just thinking as opposed to Bakers, owned by Purina, owned by Nestle :roll: ) :lol:

Any dog food designed for working dogs will be cheaper as it is VAT free, and most of them seem to be quite popular - brands like Skinners and CSJ etc. We've now got ours on CSJ - no artificial additives; made in Wales; only £9.75 a bag and delivered free as the local stockist lives in our village! 8) They enjoy it and seem to be doing well on it.

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I've never heard of it either.... :think:


I do think that dogs can "go off" and get fed up with certain brands though. We had Bracken on Burns for about 2 years and we saw a vast improvement in coat/condition and a few months ago she was getting a bit bored and just picked over her food. I have now moved her over to James Wellbeloved as a trial and she seems to like it. I know it's hard to make dry kibble exciting! :roll:

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Haven't heard of Alpha food. Keira our German Shepherd would be classed as having an eating disorder if she was human she is so picky. The only way we can get her to even eat a few mouthfuls is to mix some Chappie in with her dry food. Not much but just enough to coat it. We tried James Wellbeloved but found it too expensive to feed two dogs so we now feed Arden Grange which is slightly cheaper. Be careful with the treats as Labs are very food orientated but will get fat very easily, our 12 year old Lab only has to look at food to put weight on. I read that a small piece of cheese to a dog is like us having a burger. Hope you find a food she likes.

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We follow the BARF plan for ours and make up about 20 lbs of food for the freezer.


Tali is still on three meals though and has kibble at lunchtime - we use Burns and/or Pero Organic or Pero Labrador Life. We use James Wellbeloved fish version as training treats for Tali.

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Well i put some warm water over Lola's tea this evening mixed it in and she ate it all up straight away! She even started to lick the bowl around when she had finished which is completly different to usual.


Our local pet shop doesn't sell Burns or the Pero food so they are out and mum hates online shopping. I'd read good things about Burns though :roll:


I'm thinking either this Alpha food or James Wellbeloved. Our previous dog was on James Wellbeloved and always ate it. The reason we were thinking of trying her on Alpha was because of the cost of it as it seems so cheap compared to the main brands of food. Snowy its good to hear that your two are on similar food and it enjoy and do well on it.


Coco I don't think we will have to worry about her putting too much weight on. She is tiny compared to an actual lab, much much slimmer. Everytime my grandma looks at her she says she needs to put more weight on. Obviously this might change as she gets older and runs less!


Thanks for your input so far.

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