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Space Chick

Wild bird food in the snow

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Don't see why not, if they don't like it they won't eat it, though not sure it will be suitable for the smaller birds, you'll probably have a flock of pigeons converge on you :lol:

I've been putting out the left over christmas pudding ( don't know why I buy it, no one likes it ) some dried fruit that was past it's date, all crumbs from biscuits/ breadboard/ sandwhiches etc go out as well, and if I'm really stuck I raid the breakfast cereals. Hate to see an empty feeder.

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Had a thought yesterday, what about crushed layers pellets ? wonder if the little birds would go for them ? we always have robins and sparrows getting stuck in the WIR because they've flown in to steal the food while the chooks are freeranging- mind you, it probably wouldn't taste so good if it wasn't stolen :lol:

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