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The girls did not enjoy the snow! [Pictures]

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Not one of my little girls wanted to come out this morning. I don't blame them though, we had about 8 inches of the white stuff.



beware of the snow chickens! 8)



there is no way you're getting me out in that!



even Yvie didn't look impresssed..



despite the fact her house was covered in snow.


yvie tried to walk outside, but she realised it was a lost cause when it covered all of her legs and half her body :roll:

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bless them. My cochin got marooned on one side of the garden. She'd bumbled over chatting to her friend, but when she realised the extent of white stuff between her and her bedroom she froze! She needed helicoptering back (which involved allowing me to touch her!).

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My chickens didnt like the snow either to begin with and still dont. they just dont like staying in their shed so spend all day standing in snow no matter what. Ive taken to clearing their pen (well raking or shovelling the snow into piles). Its great exercise and my girls and boy love it. they love foraging in the snow but have areas of really thin snow when the get too cold so dont end up with bright pink feet! Also i have an area where thay can all fit that has a roof fairly close to the ground making it hard for snow to get in. they love hiding in this :)

hope this helps snow disliking chicks out there :)

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