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We've had to batten down the hatches!

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I thought someone had taken a photo of my garden/WIR/House then - it's all very similar shapes !


I used ikea shower curtains, lots of panel nails & a few pegs. I've only done the front though, mainly because I only bought 4 shower curtains & the front seemed to be where all the snow was coming in...East facing.

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Really tough time for the Chucks at the moment, I went and bought a ceramic heat lamp for my three,and wired it into the shed, Works brilliantly, I only put it on at night. They seam to be laying well too. They don't like to walk in the snow, but i have cleared it away a little and they venture out a bit during the day. I have also been giving them a little porridge oats too.

Hope some of these things will help your chucks too. :D

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