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Botox for eye squint? Anyone had it?

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DS (16 yesterday :D ), returned to the Consultants last week regarding his squint. When he was a baby he had successful surgery to correct a very bad inward squint. The end of last year I noticed his eye squinting outwards, though nowhere near as bad as the original one.


The Consultant advised us that if we didn't want to go for full on surgery, we can opt for Botox - this lasts for 3 months in the body, so he would either need to keep having it done or sometimes during the 3 months the brain and the eye act together to 'straighten' the squint or he could still have the surgery after trying the botox.


I like the idea of the Botox rather than surgery and he wouldn't have it done until after his GCSE's - so I was just wondering whether anybody else had any experience of this?

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A friend of mine has this done pretty regularly. It's better than the regular operations she used to have (every couple of years or so), but the effects can be variable. Sometimes. it lasts for nearly six months, and sometimes it only lasts a month. it is unpleasant but the effect is great. She has an absolutely awful squint, with pretty much no vision in her eye, so for her it's purely cosmetic, but it is much better than when it's untreated, when it points towards her ear.

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Not had experience of Botox but have lots of experience of squint surgery. Had surgery as a baby/young child and then in my mid 30's the squint returned.


Saw one Consultant at the eye clinic who suggested Botox injection, explained it only lasts 3 months, etc. On the day of the proceedure, a different Consultant said Botox would not help at all and I should opt for the surgery. Two attempts at surgery and the squint has been straightened and (fingers crossed) has stayed straight for the past 9 years.


One thing I was told that unless the brain and eye connect together by about age 5, they will never connect, as the brain switches off the connection to that eye. My brain never made that connection so correction of my squint has always been for cosmetic purposes only.


My understanding is that there are different degrees of squint so what works for one person may not for another.


I wish your son all the best with whatever treatment you choose. :)

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What does the sixteen year old want to happen?


My DS (the sixteen year old!) is unsure yet, hence us finding out other people's experience of it....knowledge is power in our house. :wink:


Thanks for all your comments. We do realise it is for cosmetic purposes only as his sight is fine with his glasses, unfortunately the prescription for his glasses is making the squint worse, however it is the sight that is obviously most important.


DS is favouring the Botox as he doesn't fancy an operation, however as a parent it is my remit to find out whatever information I can from various sources.

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