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Confession Time - more chooks on the way

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We're on our 4th lot of introductions and whilst all have gone without problem, the last 2 times as we have separate accomodation we have used the 'divide and conquer' method which works really well - still some pecking but nothing major.


We had the 3 newbies (ex batts) in the (pink eglu) and the others in the (cube pink) - after a few days freeranging together we put the 3 newbies in the (cube pink) with 7 others and then 3 left over in the (pink eglu) . Every day after that we changed everybody around to confuse them a little, but always kept the newbies in the (cube pink)....we started Monday and are pretty much there now already, though the newbies do have plenty of places to jump to if necessary and have put in extra water, food and 'hentertainment'. :D

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