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Patiently waiting.....not!....PICS!!

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Thanks everyone :D


Sandie, I just get a standard sticking plaster and cut it up the middle long ways to make 2 narrow strips. I wrap the sticky bit round one ankle, keep the 'dressing bit' in the middle and wrap the other sticky bit round the other ankle. I use the second strip over the top of the first strip just to reinforce it. I had wee Anna to hold the chick with legs akimbo this morning but have managed it on my own before. The chick is getting around fine now. I'll keep it on for a few days or until it gets grubby, then see how the chick manages. If it's hips still look a bit 'loose' I'll re-apply.

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Oh Lucy, now you've announced you've got Prudence staying with you, any number of hatchings & "oooops" purchases will be made ....all the time she could pop up at our elbow we are careful, now caution will be cast to the winds


Rofl :lol::lol: I don't think the prospect of Prudence arriving with some of you makes a ha'peth of difference!


How's Hob"Ooops, word censored!"/Sticky doing today Fee?


*Don't mind me, I'm struggling to find names for new hens at the moment*

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They're all thriving thanks, eating and pooing for Scotland :lol: . I've left the shackles on Hob"Ooops, word censored!" (good name, I like it!), he's getting around fine with them so think I'll leave him for another couple of days. Actually, on feather sexing think Hob"Ooops, word censored!" is a boy and the other 2 girls.......but I've always been toally rubbish at it :roll:

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