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How many eggs?

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hey guys


Finally I can put some eggs in the incy after so many delays!

but Im not sure how many eggs I should buy. I want to get an amount that will still leave me with a decent amount of chcikens if the hatch isnt too successful, but a number of eggs that isnt too big that ill have too many chickens if the hatch is really successful, I dont really know what the hatch rate is for chicken eggs is,I only have space for 6 or 7 more chickens. I hope im not making a fuss over nothing, but if you follow then some advise would be really helpful :)


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If I wanted 6-7 new hens I'd set two dozen eggs personally


Dont forget some may not be fertile, others will not make it through the 21 days and some simply wont hatch at the end of it, of those that do hatch you have to expect that 50% will be male


You can always sell on extra girls

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