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Mrs P

Chicken straining... All sorted now - Softie laid!

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Hi everyone,


This morning my normally loud and boisterous Miss Pepperpot is very subdued and not charging around with the Gingernut Ranger.


She has done a couple of poos wich are a bit watery and yellowish in colour and is standing in the kitchen looking as though she is straining to either poo or lay an egg. Neither is happening at the moment.


She just seems a bit fed up. A few months ago she laid a softie and was like this although I didn't particularly notice the straining. Also I found the softie then but this time there isn't any obvious evidence of it.


Last time she bucked up over the course of a day and was fine but I am a bit of a worrier and would really appreciate any advice you can offer.


Thanks guys




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It does sound like a softie is on the way


It could be that she is egg bound (stuck egg) but as she has a history of softies its more likely to be that


You could pick her up to see if you can feel an egg in her system that may be stuck but otherwise just kee a close eye on her

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