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Selling, supplying and requesting Flubenvet/POM/POM VPS Meds

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Please note….it is illegal to sell or offer to supply Flubenvet via the forum as it is a POM VPS medication and may only be sold by those suitably qualified and licensed to do so.


POM-VPS = Prescription-only medicine – veterinarian, pharmacist, Suitably Qualified Person.

A medicine for food-producing animals (including horses), to be supplied only on veterinary prescription, which must be prescribed by a veterinarian, pharmacist or SQP (either orally or in writing) and which must be supplied by one of those groups of people in accordance with the prescription.


Please note, any posts offering to sell, supply or requesting Flubenvet or any other POM or POM VPS medication will be removed immediately.


Similarly, layers pellets with Flubenvet can only be provided by licensed suppliers, so cannot be offered or requested on the forum.


Thank you for your co-operation.

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