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The rehoming of any animal is not permitted on the Omlet Forum unless they are being sold along with an Eglu or Cube.


This includes cockerels. The majority of forum members cannot take them because they live in an urban/suburban environment. You may be able to rehome cockerels on the forums below:


Practical Poultry

River Cottage


Any posts on the Omlet Forum asking for animals to be rehomed will be removed.


Omlet supports the rescue and rehoming of ex batts via the BHWT and other 'not for profit' charitable rescue organisations. Any rehoming appeals not previously approved by the moderating team will be removed. If you would like to submit your organisation or event for approval please contact one of the moderators.


How to rehome your animals via the Omlet Marketplace

Please visit the Marketplace, choose the animal you wish to rehome and click on Sell Your Chicken/Guineapig/Rabbit/Duck. You can list your animals quickly and simply. Once listed anyone interested in rehoming them can contact you directly or reserve the animal using the Omlet Checkout.


The Marketplace features many hens of different breeds all around the country both for sale and for free so please remember to take a look next time you want to expand your flock.


Can I sell them for free?

If you would like to rehome your animals for free please put a £0.00 price in the price box.

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