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Does anybody ever feel ..... Part # 17

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Wheres your OH? Ive just asked mine to get me a glass of water and some paracetamol.

Oh dear, what a pair we are :lol: I'll fight ya for the sympathy though :lol:


:lol: he's been looking after me for the past few hours, I wasn't great.


thanks Lewis you little star! :angel:

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Night Laura :D Hugs


OHs watching last nights Frost as he missed it when we went to hospital, see? thats love, missing Frost to take your wifey to hospital :lol:

mines upstairs now playing online on call of duty playing against my YS who is at a sleepover at his friends house.. :lol::roll:

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Hello again. So much to catch up with - probably be on part 18 by the morning! :wink:


Erin decided to camp out in our bedroom last night because she said it's been a while since she had a sleepover with her friends! :lol: She lasted till about 3.30 when Murray's snoring got a bit too much - even with me turning him over, prodding etc. At one point I was dreaming about someone talking with a long drawn out groan for every word until I realised it was HIM! Poke poke! :lol:


Erin did have a great day out at Longleat though. And Ciaran was back at work today - phew!


Spent the day turfing out a very cross, squealing Kitty. At one point she sounded like she meowed! :lol: So guinea's cleaned, birdies cleaned (much to her disgust) at last - seems it wasn't too dirty with the later nights. Unfortunately I had to wait until the last minute because someone wanted to lay an egg very late. Also one bathroom done, lots of washing done, not much ironing though. Mum's bed made up, forgot to cover the dirt bath - seems it's very popular and I think the only one not been in there today is the mudball furry pancake. Perhaps it has to be wet for her to wallow in. :roll: Rushed out with my head torch, saw diddy mouse. Or maybe it was a shrew - didn't see it's head or tail, but it was black and about an inch and a half long. Oh and who took my brush away from the dustpan and not put it back? Eh? Eh? Oh it was me because it was in the chicken cupboard. :oops:


So I'd better say goodnight because I have lost the marbles. :lol:



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