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Does anybody ever feel ..... Part # 17

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I think ive just lost a post :doh: dunno where it went :oops:

I was gonna say Cooks, have you made the font bigger, it helps a little bit, only a bit though :lol:

how do I do that?? becuase when I try in View-->text size it doesn't work

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No (hatch) at Chez Em as of yet.....today is 21 and I want them to hatch NOW!!! Fingers crossed they are just a bit late :pray:


The Orp eggs were set at 4pm on the dot :D


I have had a VERY productive day in the garden and also popped to Thornes as the sun was shining! All I purchased was Grit :angel:

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Lewis was at the bank paying in cheques at 4 :wall:

They took ages, then I tried to sort out the overdraft + put the wrong number in so they're sending me a new one :roll:


Eggs are in now though :mrgreen:

I decided to go with the egg boxes, bottoms up, rather than lying down :lol:

WIll lie them down on day 18 :angel:


Theres a new Go emoticon ... !gored! ... but I prefer mine :wink:


Come om Ems chicks!! (hatch)

Hope your dad is ok Cooks ... RIP skirting - fancy making me some? :wink:

Borrowed Rubys old dog crate from Clare earlier :)

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Sorry to hear that your Dad is not well Lyns, and sorry to hear about your mother induced injury Koojie.


I have pulled something in my back, and am now walking around like an 80 year old woman :oops:


Pam - You are right in saying you should just go for things :D Hence my Radley Handbag on the weekend , which arrived today and is STUNNING :wink: Also, I have booked myself a very very very very special treat for my week off which I am so incredibly excited about. Although most people would probably think I am stark raving mad.


So, who can guess what I have booked? Virtual cake for the person closest :P


Whilst we are on cakes, my meeting attendees went wild for my strawberry cheesecake cupcakes today :dance:


Don't like the new format, I'm sticking with the old, until I get forced off :oops:

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