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Does anybody ever feel ..... Part # 17

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You do all know me :dance:


Yes, I will be working in a Michelin starred restaurant for a day :P


We are staying there for 2 nights, the first night we will be having a 6 course taster menu, the second day I will be working all day helping with the lunch service and preparing for the evening service, and then in the evening we have a 9 course taster menu :dance:


The second day, Phil will be finding something to do on his own :wink: but he's looking forward to the meals and the hotel stay.


I can't believe I am going to get my chance to work in a professional kitchen, and a Michelin starred one at that :D


The virtual cake is being shared amongst you all :angel: It is a magic cake, so will be whatever flavour you want it to be 8)

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How 8) Debs! :P


*cake ... nom nom *


My first guess was the dispatch course, but then saw other people's guesses :lol:


Have some friends coming roond in a bit ... we were going bowling but don't think can be bothered! :lol:

... wants to find a good doovd but don't have any :?



In a bit :P

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