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Does anybody ever feel ..... Part # 17

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Hi All :D


Debs, can I have cake too please, cos ive just read the back pages and as soon as you said a special weekend for what you like best i thought cooking straight away - Honest Injun :pray:


Have ya fixed the text yet Cookie? :D


Ooo oo Any news yet Em??????????????? :D

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Oh, yummmm yummmm, sausage and banana cake Debs, thanks :wink::lol:

My foot is still painful Debs, and Im really bored with it now, I feel like a flippin 90 year old with a hump back, arthritis and rickets the way i have to hobble about :roll:


Cooks, if you click on the up arrow on the faint A under the search button at the top of the page, it makes the text bigger, cant decide yet wether its better or not. Still prefer the old format but sticking with it as its gonna change anyway :evil:

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No No No *Stamps feet in a toddler tantrum*


I am NOT on the new one, in fact all you lot are still on the old one.


I have have just shouted angrily at the TV.


What promoted such a shocking outburst I hear you call?


I have heard they are changing the rules of Scrabble :wall:


I am not happy about it, all this change has gone too far :notalk:

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well exactly what I thought when you said you were adding beetroot to a defenceless chocolate cake..:lol:


I am only a trail blazer in the kitchen :wink:


Everywhere else I am stuck well and truly in the past :oops:


Your gonna have to do it soon debs Oooooooooooscary :evil:



*Puts fingers in ears*


Nah nah nah nah I can't hear you!!!!

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