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Omletina Kyckling

Big life changes, scary stuff!!

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As some of you on here already know, I've been going through a difficult time and hence haven't been on here very much.


In January, I got a letter, out of the blue, from a solicitor advising me my husband was seeking a divorce. We'd just swept the chimney together so the post came as a bit of a shock. I then found out he'd visited a solicitor in November and had had valuations of our home carried out at the same time!! Anyway, that's old news now.


Soooo, I am 41 years old and now face starting over again. I have to say I am absolutely terrified at the prospect, I've been used to being part of a couple for almost 20 years now, and relied on him to do all the big jobs, service cars etc. He was also the major wage earner. I haven't worked for about 3 years now as I'm signed off with arthirtis, mainly in my hands.


I've found out in the past three months that I have some absolutely wonderful friends who have been very supportive and without whom, I'm not sure I'd still be here!! They know who they are, but I'd like to thank them for being there for me. I've also found out that some I thought were very close friends really weren't friends at all, and perhaps one thing I have to learn in the future is that I need to be a bit more careful about who I get close to!!


Anyway, I've been in a bad way these past few months, and not felt well with my arthritis and also with depression (I'm on anti depressants and have so many other pills for my arthritis I almost rattle!!) But things are starting to look up. I decided when all of this happened that I would move back north to be near family, back to Huddersfield. I found my perfect cottage, well as perfect as I can find for what I will be able to afford that is!! It's a lovely little weaver's cottage, right up in the hills above Huddersfield, very similar to the house I grew up in. It has amazing views, on a clear day you can see the Castleford cooling towers and with a telescope, I'm told you can see the Humber Bridge!! It's very me inside, beams, a nice fireplace, the only downside is the garden is rather small, much smaller than it looks in photos and I'm used to having a huge garden, but I realise that with my arthritis I can't manage a large garden on my own, so a small one will be much better. I'll try to attach a couple of photosso you can see where I'm heading!! I doubt that I'll be able to hold an Omletstock 3 craft weekend there, perhaps on a smaller scale?!!




and this is the view




Anyway I'm hoping to be back iwith you all shortly and back to my old self!!


Thanks for listening!

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I feel a song coming on....


"things......can only get better.....lallalalalala..."




"the only way is up......bayyyyyybeeeeeeee......."



heavens - I am showing my age arent I :lol::lol:





Look....if you are going to burst into 80s songs when I'm up with you this week, I may have to rethink my plans....I may go into a relapse!!! :lol::wink:

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Looks absolutely heavenly. I'm sure you will have a lovely life there.


It will be lovely to have you back oop north where you belong, and able to join us on Yorkshire Omleteers outings. :D


I'l be visiting you in that lovely cottage as soon as you ready to receive guests. :lol:

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I'm utterly gobsmacked, how can you live with someone for 20 years and turn around and do something so utterly devious and nasty! I'm so, so sorry and no wonder you've been depressed!


I'm so glad the black clouds are lifting a little for you and so glad you do have good friends around you.


Your cottage is stunning and that view, wow!


For what it's worth, love and hugs from this end of the keyboard xxxxx

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I haven't been on here very much myself lately, so was really shocked to read this post. However that cottage looks absolutely gorgeous!!! being a Northern lass myself I say 'welcome home!!'


Hope you continue to thrive as you embark onyour new start. i look forward to meeting you sometime as I neber made it to Omletstock in the end last summer.



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I didn't know what had happened either, so sorry to hear - what a shock it must have been. But it will get better, and you will surprise yourself by what you are able to do that you'd always relied on him to do. I changed the brake lights in my car last weekend (a very little thing, but one that left me disproportionately pleased with mysefl! :lol: ) And the things you can't manage, well, you can always hire a man in for them, or ask one of your good friends. (Like having a husband but without the disadvantages of remote-hogging or loud snoring)


keep your chin up, and keep posting on here, it's what got me through my split last year


Absolutely gorgeous looking house by the way - those views :mrgreen:


Lots of love



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Your new house and view look fantastic! You have had to deal with so much and you should give yourself so much credit for making such big decisions about your future 8)


I look forward to hearing about your new house and don't think I could ever tire of seeing pics of that view (in the spring, summer, snow...!) 8)


I won't join in with Couperwife's singing, that really would shatter the peace on a Sunday morning!! :lol:

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I don't know you but I wish you Good Luck with your new life. It looks and sounds like you've made big gains - your friends and your cottage. Being 41 doesn't mean anything these days, I recently met a lady in her late 70's who was starting a new OU degree.

I hope you have an exciting new life.

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Gosh what a shock that must have been. You will manage just fine, there will be tough times but you will get through it. My mum and dad divorced whilst in their 40s and my mum is a dab hand at putting shelves up etc. She has become so much stronger after splitting with my dad.


Your house looks absolutely gorgeous and the view is to die for. I think just being able to look at that view would take stresses away.


I hope life works out well for you now.

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I'm so sorry to hear what you've been going through but pleased that you've had some true friends to help you.


You actually sound very strong in your post - very clear and level headed and your house looks absolutely beautiful (sort of house I dream of :mrgreen: ).


Wishing you all the best for a bright new future - bit daunting but hopefully exciting and fulfilling too :wink:


Lisa P

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