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Mrs P

Softies and bald belly!

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Hi everyone,


My Miss Pepperpot has been a bit of a concern over the last few months.


She is laying occasional softies which makes her feel a bit quiet and fed up for a few hours but then she bucks up and seems back to her normal noisy, boisterous self. She hasn't laid anything much in the way of normal eggs for a while Just the odd one - very odd sometimes!


Also she has a bald patch on her belly, just below her breast but before her vent. I haven't noticed her pecking at this area or any other and she definitely isn't being pecked by the peaceful Gingernut Ranger.


I have tried to have a bit of a feel underneath but to be honest, I'm not exactly certan what I'm feeling for.


Both hens eat the same food - Omlet layers mash, bit of porridge eveyone now and then, greens, mealworms and whatever they scratch up in the garden. The Gingernut is fine and laying a little less in the winter but still every other day or so. Its just that pesky Pepperpot who is puzzling me. She seems mainly fine in herself except for the softie incidents.


Any ideas anyone? :think:


Thanks for your help.


love Suzanne


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My pepperpot has bald patches on her underside but I don't think it is anything. A few have reported it.


Don't know if it helps but my ginger lays some softies and I've found a boost with ZolcalD (calcium supplement) for a day or two puts her back on track. May be worth you trying a supplement either limestone powder or one of the liquid supplements you get for parrots. Some codliver oil helps boost the vit D needed if you use limestone flour (from saddlers). You can put a dollop in food with the flour. :D

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