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Columbines - can I see your pics ?

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I have a Skyline that looks exactly the same as your Columbine. Are they the same hen under a different name? I think they are both beautiful. :D

I think so but it's proving difficult to find detailed infomation on them if not from the same breeder then the breeds just differant blood lines

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I'm on the hunt for one of these beeeeeautiful ladies. One quesrtion....some seem to have a normal comb, and some have a 'pom pom' fluffy bit.....what's the difference?


SpaceChick has some has some with pompom heads.....I LOVE THEM! I want I want I want.


Just waiting for my circlip pliers, fit the bumper bits...which will of course magically cure my feather pulling problem (i'm desperate, but won't get any more until I know all is well in the current flock) :pray: and once this is sorted, I will stop at nothing to get one of these perfectly gorgeous girls. Along with a Speckledy of course 8)


I'm actually losing sleep waiting for it. Seriously, i think of nothing else. It's like an illness. :lol:

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They're all lovely! I thought I'd post a pic of Honey and Treacle as their colouring is slightly different to many of those already posted. They were 21 weeks old when I go them on Easter Sunday...I can't tell you what colour eggs they lay as we are still waiting for the first!!



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