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Woo Hoo I'm getting a tony!

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Just order 18ft x 9ft run from Tony. :dance: Hopefully he's putting it up first week of May. Can't wait as due to dog issues :roll: my poor chooks are stuck in their cube run all the time at the mo.


Was thinking when the run is complete of keeping my cube run for use if I get any more hens. Thought i could put it inside the WIR tied to the wall with a small hutch inside for while they integrate. Would that work??

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Congratulations, you'll love your Tony! And he is such a nice guy - I wish I needed another run, just for the pleasure of meeting him again! It has transformed my hen-keeping, bet you can't wait for it to arrive. That sounds like a good plan, I've kept an Eglu run for the same reason although I haven't used it yet - you never know when you might need a temporary separation pen.

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