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Advice regarding Orpington accomodation

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Hi, Can anyone tell me if it would be possible to house 1 orpington and 2 columbines temporarily in an eglu?. I am increasing my flock from 3 to 6 and intend to split my WIR(being built at moment!) with an introduction area with the (green eglu) with the new girls in one side and my (cube purple) and my original 3 in the other side. This would probably be for only about a week or two untill all the intro's are out of the way. I know that normally the (green eglu) would be too small for an orpington, but this one will be POL so hopefully not fully grown! Thank you for any advice/opions.

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Why cann't the new ones go in the cube and the old ones in the eglu? I say this for two reasons: firstly, size wise they might be a better fit; secondly as they are all going to end up in the cube I have found getting the new ones use to the cube (ladder, etc) without the 'old' hens to start with is a good idea - then the 'old' hens are introduced as opposed to the other way around which in theory makes it a more equal situation for the final intros.



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Just to hijack this thread can i get peoples opinions on my possible expansion.


This will take a while but... I have expanded from mk2 to a cube and the 3 girls will become 6 by adding in 3 exbatts.

(they will be seperated to start as i am keeping the mk2 as a "hospital")


I would really like Orps as well. After even more intros i will have 8 foot by 4 foot WIR and the 1m cube added on the end. Too small for 6 regular hens and 2 orps?

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