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do beaks hurt?!

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As the replies aleady given - I sometimes think it's the surprise that makes it appear to hurt.


If you have a handful of mixed corn really cup your hand they won't be able to peck your hand and by the time they have reached the bottom and could peck you, you will be a little bit more used to them. Try not to be 'jumpy' with your hand as it could make them jumpy and they may then take longer to get used to you.


Or, if you are really nervous, why not hold and rattle their treat pot and let them eat out of that? Then you can very slowly and calmy stroke them. You can move onto hand feeding when you are used to doing that.

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When I first started to hand feed my girls I must admit I didn't know what to expect! I think like everyone else has said it's the suprise that makes you think it hurts but once you do it more often you'll enjoy it alot more!

I tend to find that my barnebars & cream legbar are very gentle when I feed them out of my hand but my buff orpingtons are just straight in there and sometimes its abit of a shock! :lol:

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