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What and where to put food

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I have recently taken ownership of 3 hens (Light sussex, rhode island red and Welsh summer), I have a few concerns.

1) I am only feeding them laying pellets. About 1 ½ handful each per day, with an extra couple of handfuls of kale. I have since heard lots of people mixing there pellets up what should I be doing? Really looking for some exact guidelines

2) I have the water and food in the hutch – should it be in the run if so what will they snack and drink at night?

Many thanks

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Hi There,

I am no expert, but layers pellets are fine, I dont mix mine with anything but I usually give mine some corn in the afternoon, and sometimes some grapes and mealworms for a treat!

I leave the food in the run area. chickens dont eat or drink during the night, so no need to leave in the bedroom area.

Have fun with your chooks! :D

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The food needs to be given in a feeder in the run, fill it and let them take what they need then refill as necessary, hens will rarely over-eat when it comes to pellets and an adult hen will consume about 100g-150g of feed a day so as long as the feeder is big enough to take that x the amount of hens you have it will be fine. You can take the food in to your house/garage or put it up high overnight if you are worried about rodents


Layers pellets are fine, you can mush them with some warm water as a treat in winter


Water also in the run, again ad lib, empty completely and clean out at least once a week

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I put food (pellets on their own) and water in the house. The reason being that a) there is room for it b) my husband is paranoid about vermin and keeping food in the house ( at least the one I have) makes it virtually inaccessible to vermin at night and C) there are no spillages outside - again vermin unfriendly - any spillages are contained and end up in the dustbin. The girls go in and out of the house during the day to eat - there is water available to them outside as well. The arrangement seems to be working well. :D Also - if I am late letting them out in the morning - maybe getting home late after a night shift - I don't have to worry about them starving!

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