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Tutti Frutti

My new girls!

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So cute, I'd forgotten how tiny they are 8)


I wanted to get three but restrained myself yesterday and so we collected just two more. With all six in the run, I could see that I could easily fit another one in! So we went back today and bought the White Star - the chicken I originally wanted all those months ago! We picked her from the same pen that one of the other newbies came from yesterday and she's settled in no problem! If I didn't get her today, then I wouldn't be able to get a white star until at least two of my big girls went Free Ranging In The Sky... just don't want to think about that :shock:


So introducing...





and Angelina



And them all together (with Xena preening, not hiding!):



The intros are going brilliantly - the newbies are about 20 weeks old so we have divided the WIR with orange builder's netting, just to protect them for a little while. They were quarantined and then introduced in neighbouring pens at the chicken farm where we boarded our big girls during our holiday so that might explain why it's going so smoothly!


Xena is living up to her name - dark haired and very brave! She ate from my hand within 4 hours. Gabrielle waited until today to eat from my hand. Angelina is living up to her breed so I haven't had much contact with her yet but it's early days! But they're all very happy, eating and drinking and they've had some corn and carrot peel :D

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Thank you everyone! L_ouise, what breeds are yours? You're right, very similar to my little girls!


Quick update: I let the big girls out for a bit of free ranging this evening (once the rain had stopped - but that didn't stop them dustbathing in sloppy mud :? ) and then let the little ones explore the whole of the WIR... and Angelina flew straight up onto the perches and the roof of her Eglu! She's so lovely and a typical White Star, loves to fly and quite nervous... makes Gabrielle look calm! Xena is positively horizontal, she's so laid back! Loving them all already, it's so cute when they're new and don't know where to go to bed and start looking up to roost. Angelina and Gabrielle were a little panicky so I had to give them a helping hand, Xena was last in and just needed showing the way and they all made it within a few minutes :)


I still cannot believe... I'VE GOT A WHITE STAR!!! :dance::dance:8)

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Copper Black and Crested from Merrydale Poultry and a White Star from Moorlands Poultry.


So you've gone for chocolate, blue and white eggs too! :D


Why are you so excited about a White Star? Wanted one for a while? :)

'Cos when we got our first chooks, I set my heart on a White Star (beautiful tails, poise and white eggs too!)... But as a novice, the breeder recommended the more docile Sussex Star instead...


So today's update: I'd wanted to come home at lunchtime but work was crazy so I got home at 4pm instead and... Roxy was in the newbies' half of the divided run :shock::shock: I couldn't see the newbies at all, then realised Xena and Angelina were hiding from Roxy in their Eglu... I had to search for Gabrielle and she was in the big girls' Eglu in the OTHER half of the run :shock::shock: I can't bring myself to think of what happened during the day, I just console myself in thinking that it can't have been for too long as I only found a few feathers when I was poo picking and Gabby still has her hairdo and "Ooops, word censored!"ody's hurt or bleeding. So the big girls were sent out to free-range in shame whilst I re-secured the divide (no sign of where they broke through :think: ), but this time with metal stakes and paving slabs!


Xena is already like a mini-Roxy, scratching like mad in the Aubiose, boss of the other two and not shy in eating from my hand. Her wattles are the biggest too. Angelina is the youngest with hardly any wattles at all - so cute!


I just hope they behave themselves when I'm at work tomorrow! :wall::wall: But the main thing is, they're QUIET and not fighting seven shades of you-know-what out of each other! Unlike my last set of intros with the ex-barnies :shock:

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Great names, I've got an Angelina too, she's a Cream Legbar that I hatched and just like White Stars they're known for their flightiness. Angelina was too but she's about to start laying and since she's been crouching she's been alot more friendly, she crouches right in front of me and I can finally pick her up :D Hopefully your Angelina will do the same.

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