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My new girl sounds rattly....

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Hi, can't believe I have run into problems already with Marigold, my new girl.


Saturday when we brought her home she was really lively. Yesterday morning, she sounded a bit rattly and occasionally she seemed to almost clear her throat and bring up some white frothy stuff. That only happened about 3 times and as when we brought her home she was hoovering up and eating everything, including feathers, we thought it was that. Today though she is really rattly.


She seemed quite quiet this morning, so I have isolated her from Millicent, who is still bullying her and pulling her feathers and now I have just got home from work I have let them out in the garden so there is lots of space.


She seems bright, her eyes are bright, her nose is clear, her tail is up she has just wolfed down some meal worms. She is just making this rattly/gurgling noise.


I was all for taking her back, but as my husband said they will just cull her. She deserves a chance, which I am more than happy to give her, but I don't want Millicent to catch anything and I don't want to incur vets bills, having already paid out for Annie with her peritonitis last week.


The one thing I stipulated when I chose her was "are they a hardy breed" :roll:


Should I leave it a few days and see how she goes or is that just asking for more trouble?


Thanks for your help, I would really appreciate it

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Thanks for your reply, I will get some of that. I have had a eureka :idea::idea: moment though.


I wonder if she is reacting to the diatoms we use to control red mite. We are a bit over enthusiastic and they do create dust. When I tried her on her perch and she flapped her wings we were enveloped in the stuff.


She will have to get used to it. They work brilliantly

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I will take her on my day off on Thursday unless she seems much worse. My vet is quite a long way and having spent £50 at the vets last week on Annie, and £50 this week buying her, some anti-pecking spray, and all the other bits and bobs I can't really afford it.


I won't let her suffer though, I will watch her constantly and monitor it.

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I would be inclined to try and get her to the vet soon if you can.


If she's developed mycoplasma as a result of stress or if she has infectious bronchitis, both are contagious and as Plum has said, you could find you have egg laying problems later if it's the latter.

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I took your advice, thank you and we have been to the vet. He has diagnosed mycoplasma and given me some Denaguard to put in their water for 5 days. He said mycoplasma is rife in the chicken world due to the increased interest in chicken ownership and huge increase in breeding.


So I feel happier now I know and also as she has discovered she can fly, he clipped her wings. I had horrible visions of her ending up as next doors dog's new squeaky toy.

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