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Mrs P

Urgent. Help please.

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Hi everyone,


My Gingernut Ranger is sick- she is lethargic, squishy crop, not eating or even interested in food and not drinking - she has been like this for a couple of days. I have tried tipping her upside down to try to empty her crop but nothing came out and she wasn't very co-operative. I have syringed some olive oil down her throat -nothing different yet. Her poops are very wet and she laid a softy a couple of days ago.

Any suggestions? I have made an appointment to see the vet later today but would appreciate any advice you can give until then.


Thanks everyone.




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It could be softie related as they can get low when there is one on the way. I would keep her warm and quiet with water and food available if she wants in. Could you put her in an area indoors that is sheltered and slightly dark until her appointment at the vets. She may be tempted to eat by some warm mash perhaps.

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Thanks for your reply.


I've been to the vets now and he can't find anything wrong with Ginny so that's good. However, she does still seem a bit subdued. She has eaten a bit of tuna and sweetcorn but ideally I want to get her eating her mash. The vet has given her a course of Baytril so hopefully that will buck her up.


Thanks again.



x :)

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