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After being on and off here for the last 2 years It is finally time to say Hi!


I have just realised after my mum sadly died 3 weeks ago that life is far too short, it was totally unexpected and so sudden (she was only 58). So I've decided I'm going to do all the things I've always wanted!


1. I've always wanted chickens so I intend to start saving for hopefully a cube (if hubby agrees) and by next year have my very own running round the garden!


2. I have just applied to become a puppy walker for the guide dog association. I have always wanted to help and I love dogs (any animal really) but I have always been put off because I always though they wont want me or I wouldn't be suitable with 3 young kids. But life is too short! I can only try!


These are the two main things that I started doing something about this week and I intend to carry on!!


Hope to speak to you all and I hope it won't be long until I take delivery of my own cube! x



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Welcome to the forum, properly! :D


Sorry to hear about your Mom but glad you are making a positive out of it.


Chickens are great, as are Guide Dogs!

I've done some Work Experience with GD in Leamington, training them etc and loved it. Would love to Puppy Walk but parentals think otherwise about getting a dog! There are a few people on here that have done it, and for other organisations (Hearing Dogs) ... look forward to the photos ;)

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Welcome to the forum. So sorry to hear about your mum.

I think it's brilliant what you are trying to do & firmly believe that everyone should have small goals & wish lists that are within reach. I'm not talking of winning the lottery or ferrari's, just things that with a little work, saving & hinting - you can actually do, achieve & have!

Good luck & enjoy!!


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Am new to the world of chicken keeping, we have just assembled our new hen house and will be off to pick up our new girls tomorrow lunch time..


I am a BIG believer in animals around children and feel that too many children these days only know that meat/fish/poultry and all their respective derivatives are only available from the local supermarket!! We already have quite a menagarie' (sp?) at home, 2 horses, 3 hamsters, fancy goldfish and several dogs too (I am a retired Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeder)...animals teach children responsibility, they also keep them off the street corners and therefore out of trouble too!


Our chickens will be family pets first and any eggs they produce will be very welcome bonuses!! Will post again when we have our girls safely home and settled in so that they can introduce themselves to you all too!


I look forwards to talking to you all and also from learning from your accumulated experience too!! ;)))


Spk soon!!!


Bizzy xxxx

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Hello all,


Today I am on pins, as since last night I've introduced my lovely young pekins to each other (2 to 3 pullets), and although we've only had them for 11 and 8 days respectively I am so attached to them already. It feels to have been for much longer! So as you can imagine, when I hear screeching coming from my eglu go, it's putting me on edge. I've already used the anti-pecking spray on the 2, to try to prevent feather pulling from the bigger of the 3 pullets, and have a hand sprayer with water in to intervene when she is not letting go. I realise it's early days, but I hope it doesn't last too long. They are between 8-11 weeks old, and I intend to get a WIR as soon as possible, so that I can get some more. Just smitten, even my 17 year old son is impressed with them! When I feel more confident using this, I'll be asking for advice as we are just such newbies, but can I ask if I can give them treats (such as grapes, corn on the cob, cabbage, broccoli, etc) yet as they are only young, and do I need to cook the veg first?


Many thanks, Julie new pekin mum.

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Hiya, I love the talk of a walk in run already :lol: it didnt take you long to get addicted!


The fighting will settle quickly I'd say, the age difference isnt massive and youngsters are usually pretty tolerant of each other, unless blood gets drawn I wouldnt worry too unduly (though I suspect you will x)


I personally steer clear of grapes or anything similarly 'fermenty'


sweetcorn or greens are ok though but it often takes them a while to understand and peck at big chunks of veg so maybe chop some greens up for them for now as they will naturally peck at small things


You needent cook them first with the exception of potatoes which must never be offered raw. They would probably enjoy some mashed up (plain) boiled potatoes or plain (no milk) scrambled eggs or boiled egg

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im a newbie, i have kept chickens for a few years now and have tried many breeds including oxford oeg, rescued many many ex bats, brahmas of several colours, freisians, orpingtons and i currently have 5 bluebelle hens, 2 bluebelle chicks and 3 bluebelle pullets. i also own horses, cats and a dog. i look forward to reading all your posts

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Hi there. Long time lurker, decided to make my first post as one of our chickens was killed by a fox at the weekend. Absolute newbie at chicken feeding, decided to go with a Cube for ease of use and beginner-friendly package. Initially had 2 pepperpots and 2 gingernut rangers. Loving it, and averaging around one egg a day so far, but losing one gingernut was very sad and we only had ourselves to blame. Won't make the mistake of leaving them unattended freeranging again.


We live in Morden, a suburban area of London near to Wimbledon. Tiny ex-council house but with a corner of land on the side so the garden isn't quite as tiny as everyone else!


Quick question - how do I turn BBCode on? And why wont it let me create a signature? I'd like to add some chicken icons etc to my signature, but when i go into my user control panel to edit it, it says I dont have permission! Can only users of a certain level add signatures?!

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Hello, I have just become the proud owner of a fab green eglu classic (via eBay) and am soon to be the proud Mummy of 3 gorgeous Australorp Bantams, so I thought I'd better join the forum! :)


My OH and I have kept chickens before...various hybrids as well as some lovely RIR girls who were wonderful but I've hankered after some Aussie Bantams for such a long time and I'm so excited to have finally found some!


We also have a Border Terrier called Eddie who will be 2 years old this month and a black cat, Coco who is 4.


Look forward to getting to know you guys :)

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We have 3 lovely hens - 2 cheeky rangers and 1 adorable bluebelle - which we bought as growers in June. We started them off in a wooden coop with detached run - oh you learn the hard way!! - it was a bit of a faff trying to shepherd them from one to the other, plus they needed more space (ha ha!) so we bought the Omlet netting and fenced off a part of the garden 3m x3m.

Due to the almost-daily rain we get here in South Wales it's now become a bog, literally, only to be entered with wellies and old clothes incase you slip! The constant rain has meant that the chicken poos get washed into the soil (is this TMI?!!!!! Sorry!!!!) which has meant that it's now starting to smell!!! For the neighbours' sake and to enable us to access the girls over the winter (and to give that sorry ground a break...) we bought a 2nd hand eglu yest.

Very nervous about using the eglu classic as a standalone coop tho cos of the gap in the door when it's closed - i can get 2 fingers inside it and open it about an inch! What about foxyloxy tho? :0 Have read that this is normal but am concerned....

Anyway, I am so grateful for this forum, it seems great and am looking forward to getting to know my way around it and getting to know other chicken lovers! They really are totally addictive!

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