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Welcome to the forums all! :D


Hi lwescott,

just had to say i've been having a quick read of your blog online and I love it! Your rabbit looks adorable, and all those cute chicks/doves etc! (hatch)

Where did you get the panels from for the WIR? We're few hrs further south than you but wondered if there's a supplier nearby.

although I guess i 'd have to first convince my husband....!

ooh for some reason the smilies/bbc code/signature thing is on for me! yay!

GNRGNR(Bluebelle)(green eglu)

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Hi all.


I had to register to use the trade section where I bought my new (used) purple eglu last weekend.


My posts in that section are now gone, but I thought why not stick around eh?


I have 2 Amber hybrids and a Pekin trio. I also started with a wooden coop and found some red mite at the weekend so quickly grabbed the eglu, jet washed it and rehoused my flock :D


Now I have time to strip and clean my wooden cop which I may use for bringing up chicks in spring. We hatched 2 this year with a broody Pekin but unfortunately lost them, but now I have a much better idea of what's involved.

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I am New to the Omlet Forum too. I have managed to get my OH to agree to me adopting some ex-batts last year. I managed to get an eglu on gumtree and we were away. My 3 girls arrived with 2 looking very bedraggled and one looking suprisingly feathered (Hence the name Fatty!). They made it through the winter and I am now quite addicted considering they were only being kept for the eggs :liar: . Unfortunately Baldy never really recovered and passed away in September. I again managed to convince my OH that we needed 2 new girls. I have since upgraded to a cube and the chickens have a little run to free range as the OH doesn't like them pooing on the patio or knocking on the patio doors to get in when he's eating his dinner. Secretly I think OH is quite attached to them too as Fatty escaped one evening whilst I was out and it was him tracking her down with a torch when he realised she couldn't have got back into the run! :lol:

I think the omlet forums are great and I have picked up so much info over the last year.


Laura (cube green)GNRGNR(Bluebelle)(white chicken)

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Hi All


Thought it was about time i introduced myself :whistle:


It all started last weekend, when i decided to buy a new coop for my 2 warrens which ive had now for 16 months , while looking on ebay for a newer wooden one,but i noticed a bidding war for an eglu, so i decided to investigate :pray:


On investigation i came across this website / forum and found out the benifits of an eglu , red mite was a worry of mine, plus i found it a hard task cleaning out my big wooden coop, so i decided i wanted an eglu due to the easy cleaning and no red mite :clap:


i posted an add in the wanted section early this week and within 24 hours i was contacted by a nice gentleman who said i could buy his eglu , which also came with a hen :D


so today i went and picked both up and im super happy with them :dance:


The warrens found it hard to understand where to go at dusk, so i gave them some gudience, but all 3 are snug as a bug in there house now :clap::dance:


so thats how i ended up on here..........all down to a bidding war on an eglu lol

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I did introduce myself before but have rarely posted but I would like to be a more active member.


I initially had 5 chickens but recently added 4 more (and it is still handbags at dawn with them), I have a WIR with polycarb roof and I have the purple cube which is pushed up to the outside of the run



Chickens are all hybrids so I have ... Margo the Bluebelle, Mogwai and Puddleduck the Columbines, Weedol and Dot 5 brake fluid (husband named them) the Warrens, Duchess the Speckled, Daisy the white (star?), Henrietta the Black rock and Morticia the Copper black.


So hello again to everyone and I shall now make an effort to post more

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Hello everyone, my name is Lynn I live in Worcestershire.


I have kept chickens for about 4 years. I started with ex batts and I now have pekins in many colours, my favourite being millefleur, and muscovy ducks in chocolate. I also keep quail. I have dogs too and an ever patient husband. I really enjoy the birds. I love all the different breeds and colours and wish I could have more. Oh yes I also have a pair of dutch bantams and a couple of Indian Game and an aviary with finches and canaries too.


Hope to get to know everyone and share our stories and knowledge.



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Hi there


Another new hen keeper here. Cube and WIR arrived last Friday along with 5 hens (3 Pepperpots and 2 Gingernuts). The Pepperpot girls are laying already.


The ladies get their first taste of free ranging this weekend. Can't wait.


Learned lots of useful hints and tips on here already. Sure I am going to have a lot more to ask.



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I just signed up and saw this thread, so figured i should sign up! - Im new to chicken keeping, well to be simple, im getting them after xmas, just doing ALOT of research.


Going to be getting them from EGGS, so theyll be fully home raised, for eggs only, not table!


So nice to meet all :)



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Hi all,


I'm looking into getting an eglu as I enjoy watching chickens, love fresh eggs and I want a natural Eco way to destroy slugs in my garden. I'm looking at eBay and Omlet forum for second hand models but haven't seen any for sale in east London/Essex borders. But I can be persuaded to buy new. However I'm only after an eglu go or classic complete with fox proof run. Preferably in orange or red but never pink!


My question is that I grow salads, beans and soft fruits. I'm happy to let them roam free while im gardening in a 20ftx20 garden which is surrounded by 6ft+ fences. But I only want them to eat pests not my precious crops. Any advice. Thanks.



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I started chicken keeping 3 years ago and now host nine egg layers in my back garden in Croydon, South London.

The hens use a Cube as their house, and I built a fully enclosed run to go with that. I also have two Classics. These come in handy when I take some of the hens out on occasional school visits, or as temporary hen homes.

I found the 'Hen Party for Beginners' to be a great way of confirming if chicken keeping was going to be for me.

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Hi again!


I posted a while back when I was just about to get my first hens, we bought 3 in the end a Coral whom my youngest daughter named Sunny, a BlueBell whom my oldest daughter named Eva and a Rhode Rock whom I named Ebony. We have gotten so used to them and their little ways, they have all turned out to be proficient layers already too!


Sadly a few days ago my neighbours border terrier managed to get through a raised bit of fence panel after the high winds and get into my girls, Ebony sadly had to be put down immediately, Eva has some very nasty bites down her back, she's on AB's and so far the wounds look clean and dry and not infected, she is still very shocked and not wanting to leave the coop which is understandable, Sunny amazingly is unscathed bar a teeny cut to her comb, but her confidence however is also shot to high heavens she's refusing to leave the run to free range at all....

We are in the middle of building a WIR for them to be more secure, so am rather cross and upset that this has happened now...well whatever happens we intend to be adding to our flock in the spring, I had no idea hens could be so addictive!! Have a few questions more to ask but will post them in the appropiate sections of the forum!!

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Hi BizzyMomma

Sorry to hear about the Terrier attack.

The survivors will bounce back, though it may take a few days. After a Fox attack, 2 years ago, we lost one chicken, and the remainder behaved more introvertedly than normal for upto 6 days. The Walk In Run will help. I still leave my chickens out most days that we are around. I leave a radio ( voice radio station) on during the day, which seems to have deterred Foxes (they try to avoid human voices). However this would not work for domesticated dogs.

All the best for putting up the WIR and for rebuilding your flock.

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Hello, Im new. I saw the last post about goats and it prompted me to introduce myself. I spent most of my childhood and most of my life planning my self sufficient life. I had hoped that I would meet a capable man crazy enough to want the same thing. I met just the man but unfortunately when I was ordering him from the cosmos I forgot to stipulate healthy. I've been a widow now for 6 years. So, 2 years ago I finaly realized; its now or never. So I bought a run down small holding and Ive been propping it up ever since.


I have 12 goats. 9 milkers are pregnant at the moment so I am not milking (wow so much time on my hands!),

I also have 5 Hebradian sheep - wild and unpredictable - the sheep dog is terified of them!

I have 24 chickens of various breeds incuding ex- batts. This year I have lost 10 to the fox, 1 to the wind, 2 to mites, 1was egg bound and 1 to fighting .

I have 4 breeding Norfolk Black Turkeys which are a joy - I had more but they where killed for Christmas

9 three week old chicks that are a mix of unknown parentage hatched to test the new (2nd hand) incubator.

3 Quail that were my child's christmas present.

2 dogs and 3 cats

Finaly until today I was boarding and breaking a pony but she has now gone to her owner. I hope she behaves herself.


I have had 2 big disasters in the last month. My best cockrel was savaged by a Black Rock/Simatra Fowl cross that was due for the pot ( now eaten) My beautiful boy has lost his wattles and can no longer be shown I thought he would loose an eye but we saved it. He is now living in the goat shed till the spring.


My other huge problem is mites. I have never had this problem before but i have sprayed, powdered, smoked endlessly. The red mites are on the birds day and night. I am still getting over a dozen eggs but tomorrow I will ask the vet for naypam.


So that is me. Tomorrow is my child's 8th birthday and I am celebrating with a well earned glass of wine having just iced the dinosaur cake!

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