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Hi there, I'm a young-ish chap of 27 from Southampton, and we've had our (green eglu) Eglu with GNR Daria & PP Jane for a month now. I've already asked for some advice on getting them to stop their "naughty" phase over on in the chickens forum. Unfortunately last night my wife picked up Jane, who struggled to be let go and ended up pecking her lip and nose, resulting in quite a lot of blood.

They've also stopped laying recently, and have taken to emptying their grub box all over the floor of the run rather than actually eating it. Daria is slightly better behaved, but keeps trying to fly (despite having her wings clipped) and I'm afraid she's going to injure herself.

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My name is Mr Rhode Island Red. I accidentally clicked back when I was half way through writing a reply :doh: so I had to start over :doh: Anyway won't make the same mistake this time.

I have been keeping hens for about a year and a half. I currently own:


A barred Plymouth Rock; Sarah PP


And seven Rhode Island Reds:

Sadie GNR

Penny GNR

Benni GNR

Sarah GNR (it wasn't my idea to give two hens the same name)

And three other I have yet to name GNRGNRGNR


Sarah(the Rhode Island Red) has been broody for about two months now and I find that rather long for she is a hybrid. I hope she stops soon as she is preventing the other hens from laying eggs. Even though she is only sitting in one of the four nesting boxes. If anybody has any ideas on how to get her back to normal please tell me. :) Thanks.


Ps. I've already tried blocking off the nesting boxes.

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Hi, My name is Sharon (sharonmamadiva),


I have just bought an Eglu Go and am loving it. I have had chickens before in an old wooden coop but recently lost my beautiful black rock, Marilyn to an infestation of red mite, which as I was unaware of them took over as I stupidly just thought she was broody. Having to come to terms with that we got the Eglu as it has no nooks and crannies for the red mite to live. So now I have Bubbles my beautiful Cuckoo Maran and as she was on her won we got an Amber Star called Miss Millie. They share our garden and really liven it up :)


Sharon x

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Howdee everyone.


Just a quick introduction from me. Name is Debbie, I dont have any chickens yet but have wanted for a while...hubby hasnt.... hes now coming round to the idea :D


So am now browsing around, doing some research in preparation for getting some in the near future.


Have already decided would like the Eglu Cube and have a WIR which hubby will sort out... hes planning it now.. so dare say will be looking at all the wonderful ideas on here that others have done.


I cant wait to be a chuck owner :D


Sure you will see me posting questions (probably silly newbie ones but have to start somewhere).


Look forward to getting to know some other owners too. If anyone has any advice they want to share in meantime with me please feel free to jump in.


Thanks xxx

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Welcome to the forum Deb :D


Depending where you live you could always take him on a hen party (click courses at the top of the page) and try to convince him that way :lol:




WOW.. I never noticed that... have looked and found one being held nearish to me so have just emailed the lady doing and fingers crossed will be off to visit soon. :D


Not sure if hubby will come too, but have time to work on that. :dance:



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Just taken delivery of the Eglu cube and husband and daughter have put it together. We saw it at Tatton Park RHS show last Friday 23 Julyand talked to a nice lady called Sue (?) (aka Happy Chicken) who is a volunteer. and an obvious chicken addict. So thank you Happy Chicken - new house, new puppy (cocker spaniel called Bertie Blue, new Eglu and tomorrow we go to look at a local breeder in East Yorkshire to pick up 4 Novas - hybrid french birds - Keith recommends I croon in French to them.


No doubt this is the start of a long and happy blog.



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Welcome to the forum, and yes it will (we hope) be the start of a long and happy relationship with chickens! You'll find answers to lots of questions on here, don't forget we love to see pictures of chickens so when you get yours, get the camera out.


There are lots of FAQs, so it's always worth a trawl through them to find out if someone else has asked your question, but if not then post away, and you're sure to get some answers.

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Hi Toriacluck


Just dropped in to see if anyone I met last week had joined the forum - very nice to meet you again. Yes, I am a total chicken addict :oops: but harmless! :D Hope you enjoy your new hobby as much as I do too. Good luck with collecting your new girls too - we love to see pics of new girls over in chickens, so let us know how you get on.


Jo x

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Another Newbie!

Hi everyone,


I have been hankering after keeping chickens for a few years but could never afford the initial outlay...until I was unbelievably lucky a few weeks ago and got a lovely Eglu Cube on Freecycle (cube purple) ! So now I am researching into what breeds would suit us best. So far we have decided we will have 4 large fowl and 2 bantams.


I haven't made a final decision as yet, but it's likely we'll have two Pekins, an Orpington, an Araucana, possibly a Wyandotte, and the last one TBA! They will be confined to the run whilst I'm at work, but anytime that either me or hubby are at home they will be able to have the run of the garden.




Looking forward to getting to know people, and improving my chicken knowledge!




Tina :-)

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Hi, I'm Sue

I have only registered today as my cube and Four orpington chickens became established yesterday.

They have now found the food and water but are having issues with the ladder. Last night I had to escort them into their bedroom, and this morning I had to escort them out! I know its early days, but if anyone out there could give me some advice I would really appreciate it.


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Another newbie :D


Hi everyone!


Finally sold our son's climbing frame this week so now have room for the chickens at the top of the garden. Ordered an Eglu Classic in green with 2 Miss Pepperpots and a Gingernut Ranger, which will arrive on Friday (the 13th :twisted: )


I hope our Jack Russell approves...



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Hi, My wife and I have recently purchased an Eglu, and bought 4 Black Rock hens 13 weeks old. They are now about 16 weeks. Has anybody any idea at what age they start laying? Is it true that whatever they are fed from chicks, they will not change as they grow up (pellets or mash)?

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