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Here comes the girls!!! Pics of our cube+hens!!!!

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Hi, i promised you all pics, so here they are!!!

All my six girls:


Blossom, the whitest and greediest!!!


Hazel, named because she is the darkest and we have found out she loves to make lots of noise!!!


Petal, named as she has petal shaped spots on her back and she is the shy one!


Cherry, named so as she is the smallest and cherry coloured, shes so pretty and is very sweet!


Phlox, is top hen and very friendly, probably our favourite (not that we have favourites!!! :o )


Laelia, is a bit of a bully, but kind enough for food, she is very independent and doesnt follow the crowd usually!


The Eglu


and i cant leave our gorgeous cat out of the photos!, so heres our Millie, she is spoilt rotten!!!


Hope you enjoy the pics! xxxxxx

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Ah thanks for posting pics of your gorgeous girls...excuse my ignorance...are they rhode island red x sussex? Just asking because they look very similar to a flock at a local animal farm :D


Just looooovvvveee your pink cube...i so wanted a pink Eglu when we got our original girls a couple of years ago...but I have 3 sons and 1 daughter...don't think the boys would have appreciated it :lol:

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Hi, i know we have been having chicken races today!!! they are warren x lohmanns, i have been to see some of friends hens (who got them today) they arent very nice natured birds, lovely looking though, i couldnt wait to get home to my friendly girls, and my friend was quite jealous cuz she loves the nature of my birds but hers are "horrible" she said!!! xxx

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