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Lucky number 7!

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Get this-it's all true!!!


When i went to vote my number was 777. I thought to myself that's lucky. Then i thought I have 7 eggs in the incubator-that's a good sign! On thursday night, I called my husband to see if he was going to come to the final performance on my HND drama group, 'cant come-the eggs are cheeping-they might hatch' he said. The drama group said that's ok if he didn't come so long as we named the chicks after them-strangely enough there's 7 in the group! (7 again i thought to myself!!) Then at 7 am on the 7th may the first chick hatched. I have to play the euromillions tonight, i thought to myself, this is too many coincedences. So I did and I only went and won!! Guess how much???? £7 Can you believe it?? How very strange!! :lol:

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