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Chic Chick

Chicken Will Not Eat

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I bought 4 hens 4 weeks ago. 3 are laying and one has only ever laid softie eggs for about a week. The one laying softies has not eaten since Friday. She looks very miserable and keeps closing her eyes. I took her to the vet this morning who said that she was emaciated, her crop was empty and that there were no eggs inside her. She didn't charge us because she didn't know what to do! She said to contact the farm where we bought her and find out the vet they use.


I have been giving her water with a syringe and tried to tempt her with various tidbits but she is not interested in food at all. I gave her a warm bath yesterday in case she was trying to lay an egg and syringed some olive oil in her beak in case her crop was compacted.


Any suggestion on how I can tempt her to eat? I am feeling so inadequate and very upset that I may lose her at only 22 weeks old. :(

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How is she now Chic Chick?


When poorly I give my lot pellets mixed with warm water to make slush. Or, if they won't eat that, a dollop of live yoghurt with maggots or corn on top. Or (and I know bread is not good for chickens) but small pieces of bread soaked in water until they are all soggy.


Best of luck.

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