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Help! Help! Help!

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Hi everyone,


I am in desperate need of some help! Our 3 girlies are extremely extremely noisy!!!!


We have tried absolutely everything that we can think of and we hoping that one of you omleteers would be able to think of something!


We shut them in at night time so we can control when they will be out to make a noise. Then we give them either porridge or mashed potato when we let them out at 7 ish. we sprinkle treats on the floor so they can have a peck around. They have got a sweetcorn and a peckablock hanging up all of the time.


We have even tried squirting them with water every time they make an unnecessary noise.


Please please please help before the neighbours start a campaign for chicken eviction!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks in advance.


Bizzy Lizzy

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Can you see anything that triggers? Is it egg laying? Or something overhead? Or is it just continuous?


Changing their routine has had some effect for us. Maybe changing the layout of their run? Not knowing what your current setup is, maybe put some extra perches in? Or more levels, or hang different things? Just move it all around, and the chickens are likely to be confused. It might just be ours (they are daft) but has worked for us.


One thing I woudn't do is "reward" their noise with extra treats or attention. I know its a tricky balance between giving them entertainment, and not treating them too much! How about hanging up something like cabbage (in a bird food container). Put it high enough so it is tricky for them to get, and it will last for quite some time, and greens are something that should be part of their diet. Deliberately walk past the run and ignore them - and they will start to realise that you do not always equal food!


We also have found Mash keeps them quiet a lot more than Pellets do. We found this out when we first got them, and recently I had to get a bag of pellets as the shop had run out of Mash - and we really noticed the difference. It takes them a lot longer to eat the same amount of food, and keeps them occupied again without rewarding their bad behaviour.


Good luck with whatever you try!

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Hi Lizzy


It sounds like you are doing most of things people suggest to keep them occupied. Have they got something to perch/jump onto, how big is their run?


I agree with C&T try not to "reward" their noise with treats.


I live fairly close to Tamworth, so if you need any help or a second opinion on whether the noise is really as noisy as you think then just ask!



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I was worried about the amount of noise my chucks made and checked with the neighbors, who did'nt hear them at all. I think its to do with the prevailing wind carrying the sound away in our case but sometimes I think its easy to overestimate the sound and maybe you don't have anything to worry about. If you are on good terms with your neighbors you could check. I took a box of eggs with me as a sweetener :dance:

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I had similar but only in my first year of chicken keeping. In their second and third years they hardly made a sound.


Like you, I also shut them in at night so at least any noise is a reasonable 7.15 or 7.30am.


Also like you, I'd be up and down some days like a yo yo with hose in hand.


Egg announcements I accept, but when all 4 started shrieking initially it was sometimes too much. Although it would only last maybe 10-15 mins, it would feel like a lifetime. I honestly beleive that it is akin to an attention seeking child. My lot just seemed to grow out of it.


Hard I know (because I've done it) but try not to reward them with treats to pacify the noise - chickens are crafty. I did resort to this one day when I had to go to work and they'd been shouting for 30 mins. In the end I just left them to it......only happened once though.


I got them in the April, they were noisy on occassion during that Summer. Then when the first winter arrived no one heard them, everyones windows were closed, the nights drew in and the chooks retired early. Hardly made a sound. Then the following Spring they seemed to have broken the habit.


No extra advice but thought you might take heart from my experience. Keep going with the hose if they start up for no obvious reason.

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Hi im in Polesworth and will be getting my eglu and chickens next wed. So excited, however my only concern was the noise aspect and reading your post has not helped!!! Please keep informed how you get on just in case! Have you neighbours both sides? You are the first person I have seen from Tamworth so quite pleased to have found fellow chicken fan. :P:P

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Just to say that I'm from the same area (Tamworth). My chickens do egg-announce, but it doesn't go on forever. There is a "foreign" cat that comes into our garden sometimes, and they do bok quite a lot when this cat turns up. At 6am this morning our cat had a fight with the foreigner and that led to the chickens joining in support of our cat! A bit noisy, but over pretty soon.


In general, I don't think you need to worry too much about noisy chickens. If they do make a noise, there may be a cause that you can do something about, and also it won't be nearly as noisy as the other neighbourhood noises (hi-fi noises, noisy two-stroke mopeds, children, drunk people going home in the evening, barking dogs, yowling cats etc etc).


Good luck with the chickens!

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Dont worry! Ours were really quiet to start off with.


Ours only lay for about 6 months of the year, and this has only happened since they restarted this year!!!


So far no neighbours have complained!!! (hopefully they cant hear)


I dont think it has helped us that we throw treats at the situation!!!! ours now know how to control us really really well!!!


Maybe its just our paranoia and we think they are louder than they actually are!!! Didnt think my morning lie in would be ruled by chickens!!!


Whilst typing this i have been out once, next time it will be with the hose pipe!!!


If you need any help, (not that i am an expert, i have only learnt off here!) just let me know.


bizzy lizzzy

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