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Hello - ordered my new chicken house and run which should be arriving soon, on Monday will be 'just looking' at some Chickens to get an idea of what they have. Suspect will come home with Bluebelle and a Speckeled hen. Once the run is up and the floor cleared of the stones/pebbles should I just leave the ground as earth flooring or put down some bark chip or wood shavings for them to scratch around won't the soil become over used over time? How should i prepare it, I aim to puff the red mite powder in the nooks and crannies of the house when it arrives is there anything I should do before they arrive. Thanks Kathy

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Outside a run - bare earth will be great fun to scratch around on.


Inside a run - I would recomend Auboise (or Hemcore) which are hemp based horse bedding. Soaks up poops lovely and I change it once a month. Use it in the nestbox too. Must be kept dry though so you would need a covered run.

Buy it from horse supply / Tack shops. I get mine from Eileen Douglas Tack Shop in Wokingham.





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