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Lorraine W

keeping the girls quiet

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We had a little problem with our chickens yesterday, they decided to make loads of noise from about 4.30am!!! We were not happy.


Last night I placed a thick blanket over the eglu and over the run so it was alot darker inside the eglu, the girls did not wake untill abot 6.20am :D


Anyone else got any advice or any other tips- we are planning to lock the door tonight so that should help.



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My advise would be just what you've said to shut the door.


I had 4am squarking in summer 3 years ago and from then on I always shut the eglu door at night in Spring and Summer. I open it up at 7.15am (or 7.30 on Sundays) and the girls are absolutely fine. They got used to it within a few days and never make a noise inside the eglu. Slightly annoying to get up at 7.30 on Sunday, pad out into garden in dressing gown, then get back into bed, but I'm used to it now.


However, in Winter I leave the door open 24/7 as with darker mornings they aren't up early enough to make noise. And when I'm on holiday I leave door open, even in Summer, as I figure one week won't hurt if they are noisy. But in fact as they've got older, they've got less noisy. Was really mostly in their first year I had concerns.

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