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My First Green Egg!!!!

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Hi just wanted to post a picture of my first beautifull Green Egg laid today by my columbine Chilli. It is sooo small but a gorgeous olive green colour. I have another columbine who hasnt laid yet. Would I be pushing my luck to hope for a blue egg too??


This is it next to a normal size/colour egg!




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Lovely !egggreen!


We bought two cresteds just over a week ago, got them into their new home and within two hours one had laid a lovely !eggblue! I was so thrilled I had to do the egg dance :dance: to the amazement of my grandaughter :oops:


Two days later in the nestbox was a !eggblue! and a !egggreen! These are the first coloured eggs I've had and I am so thrilled :dance:


I hope you get a !egggreen! or !eggblue! soon Tinkerbell!



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Yay...a gorgeous green egg...well done Chilli :clap:


Just wanted to add that Mildred our oldest Columbine laid dark olive/khaki coloured eggs at first but now they are a very pretty pastel green...


We have two other Columbines...Robyn lays a green egg too but a different shade to Mildred and Daphne lays beautiful pastel blue...I've been very lucky with my girls :dance:


Would be interesting to hear if Chilli's eggs change to a paler green too :)


Lou :D

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Just interested to know LittleOwl...do your Columbines look similar?


Mildred and Robyn look similar (ginger, caramel tones) and they lay green eggs...Daphne looks more like a cream legbar and she lays blue...as far as i understand it they could easily have been brown egg layers despite their colouring :think:


Lou :D

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