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maybe just maybe ?????

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ive just cleaned out the tray on my eglu that is housing my 2 new cresteds ive had for 2 weeks ish anyway

i found what looks like a green softie .


could this mean one lays green eggs ??? !egggreen! im so excited lol

i warned them yesterday if i didnt get a egg they were going in the pot and today a green softie



im not worried about it being soft as all my other girls started that way but do you think it could mean she will lay green eggs i really hope so .


i cant wait to see if i have anything tomorro ,dam the nhs for making me work long days i wont get home till after dark so my mum will of brought the kids home so they will get to see it first lol :mrgreen:

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well i had 2 eggs today and they had some shell but were very thin and they are not green :(

but......... they are blue woooohoooo :dance:


Merrydale Crested are bred from Cream Legbars which in turn are bred from Araucana's so it's only natural for them to lay blue/green eggs.


Can't wait for my 6 Araucana's to start laying.

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