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My husband just finished building a walk in run yesterday for our two chickens. To give them more ground space he made a mezzanine type floor with a ladder for the chickens to climb up to their Eglu. We showed them how to do it by putting them on and enticing them with treats (one chicken was quick to cotton on but the other not so :wall: ). Come bedtime, they were still downstairs so hubby goes out and lifts them up to tuck them into their Eglu!. This morning they were scared to come out of the Eglu but eventually they did and they fluttered off their mezzanine floor!


Now I thought chickens could do ladders - I've seen them in books and yesterday we went to Thorne's Poultry Centre in Letchworth and their chickens had managed to get into all sorts of places! My two now just seem stressed - is it just the change? Any advice or tips?



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I am sure with a little encouragement, they will soon get the hang of the ladder. Mine were the same when I put them into a WIR with their eglu on a table with ladder, but after lifting them up a couple of times they soon got the hang of it. Now the cube ladder is another thing that seems super difficult!! :roll: My chooks just fly up!. If one has the hang of it they will probably follow! Keep persevering. :wall:

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